The South-Hyogo Earthquake

  • 1995/01/17(火) 05:46:08

5:46 am, January 17th 1995,
I was in bed reading a log file of BBS.

Then my body, my wife and children, my house and all are shaken very hard.

Owing to the failure of power supply and scattered matters,
I couldn't go out of my bed in the dark.
After dawn, I found terrible scenes around.

@Nomacho, Nishinomiya City

  • 1995/01/17(火) 05:46:06

The road bridge fell down upon a railroad line.

@Komanocho, Takarazuka City

  • 1995/01/17(火) 05:46:05

Deck at Hanshin horse race course dropped down to the ground.

@Kitaguchicho, Nishinomiya City

  • 1995/01/17(火) 05:46:04

Shops broke down and blocked a street.

@Oidecho, Nishinomiya City

  • 1995/01/17(火) 05:46:03

Broken wooden houses blocked narrow roads.

@Kitaguchicho, Nishinomiya City

  • 1995/01/17(火) 05:46:02

Many roads are blocked with broken houses. And railroads are rare passage for people.

@Okadayama, Nishinomiya City

  • 1995/01/17(火) 05:46:01

As water supply stopped for days, broken water valve was the precious source of water.